Setting Up Business in Germany


Are you looking forward to entrepreneurial opportunities in Europe? There is no better option than Germany for certain. The economic environment and market opportunities are many for the non-German nationals as well. The market has only expanded over the years. There have been investments at various scales and in several sectors, ranging from cuisine to language schools and more. The high-tech industry is also open to non-German entrepreneurs. It is a land of opportunities and you shouldn’t miss out if you are looking forward to setting up a business here. Here is your guide to setting up a business in Germany, know all that you must.


Level Playing Field

Germany provides a level playing field to all the entrepreneurs. There is no distinction in policy for German nationals. Non-Germans are given equal opportunities as well as support for setting up a business in the country. All you need is the ambition and the will to work towards success. There are no barriers and no discriminating policies holding you back.


The One Requirement for Non-EUEEA Nationals

The one basic requirement for doing business in Germany is the grant of work visa to entrepreneurs who are not nationals of EUEEA member economies or Switzerland. Work visa is granted if the entrepreneur has a business idea and the capital to support it. Once the work visa is granted, the playing field is level for all the ambitious.


Company Law

The company law in Germany is similar to all other major economies in Europe. It draws distinction between public and private limited companies, joint stocks and limited liability firms etc. You should avail services of a company lawyer in order to ensure that all legal matters are efficiently dealt with and you choose to enlist your company under the right category.


Think It Out

It is important to develop a concrete business plan. You must evaluate all costs and analyze all the benefits. Rushing through the matters will not help your case, it will only get you stuck in the middle of the road. Being prepared is necessary. It is important to think it all out. Devise a business plan, do a cost-benefit analysis, seek legal help and advice in all related matters, do your market research and evaluate every aspect of your business idea. German economic environment is pro-business but as an entrepreneur, you must know which investment will bear the fruits for you. Legal matters are the most sensitive and finances the most important. You must work it all out. The level playing field that you will find in Germany is on you to exploit to your advantage. Help is available, take it. Think it all out and then seize your opportunities.


Own Germany

Germany is one of the economies which has truly opened up to globalization, benefited from it and become beneficial because of it. While the number of English speakers or non-Germans has greatly increased over the past two decades or so, it is still advisable for you to learn the German language and own it as your own. It simply increases your power to communicate which is a fundamental requirement in entrepreneurship.


Opportunities are there to seize, it is for the ambitious to make an endeavor, but being prepared and thinking it all out is necessary.




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